The Lion and the Lamb

On Palm Sunday, we are used to seeing all the little people in the church parading through the isles with palm branches while the worship team plays “Hosanna”. This is a day of joy, one where we remember the triumphal entry of Jesus to Jerusalem; the throngs cheering for him in expectation of great things to come.

However, Jesus sees a different side of things. He knows what is coming; he has been telling his followers about it for weeks. He understands what is happening… and what will happen in the week to come. He knows that in a few short days, his ministry will be at an end; his purpose for coming to earth will be fulfilled; his glory will come to fruition.

But that’s next week. Today, Jesus is arriving in Jerusalem, a journey he has made many times in his life, but this one is different. All eyes are on him…

For those who believe him to be the messiah, his entry is prophetic (Luke 19:37–38). He is finally coming to bring salvation from the Roman oppression. The golden age of Israel is near…

For those who deny him, this is the last straw. He has been teaching against the priesthood for years. He allows defiance and heresy from those that follow him (Luke 19:37–40), and has even claims divinity. The guy is nuts and dangerous; stirring up the population to conflict with the Romans. Things don’t need to change and they are finished putting up with him (Luke 19:47–48).

For Jesus… today is bitter-sweet. His chosen people; those who were set aside to bless the world; He grieves because they’ve ignored the prophets and do not see what is happening in front of their own eyes (Luke 19:41–44). He knows how this will end because he planned it this way, but it doesn’t stop the pain and sorrow of his coming betrayal.

The perfect lamb is walking into the jaws of the lion because he understands what is at stake and is both willing and able to fix everything…


Author: Damon

Disciple, Husband, Father

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