Passion Week: Jesus’ Last Sabbath

Ever feel like you’re racing downhill on a runaway bike and you don’t remember how to brake? Ever feel the wheels of your life racing faster and faster as you speed past the people you love? Could you use a reminder on how to slow it all down?

If so, read what Jesus did during the last Sabbath of his life. Start in the Gospel of Matthew. Didn’t find anything? Try Mark. Read what Mark recorded about the way Jesus spent the Sabbath. Nothing there either? Strange: What about Luke? What does Luke say? Not a reference to the day? Not a word about it? Well, try John. Surely John mentions the Sabbath. He doesn’t? No reference? Hmmmm. Looks like Jesus was quiet that day.

“Wait a minute. That’s it?”
That’s it.

“You mean with one week left to live, Jesus observed the Sabbath?”
As far as we can tell.

“You mean with all those apostles to train and people to teach, he took a day to rest and worship?”
Apparently so.

“You’re telling me that Jesus thought worship was more important than work?”
That’s exactly what I’m telling you.

For such is the purpose of the Sabbath. And such was the practice of Jesus.

“On the Sabbath day he went to the synagogue, as he always did, and stood up to read..”‘ Should we do any less?

If Jesus found time in the midst of a racing agenda to stop the rush and sit in the silence, do you think we could, too?

Slow down. If God commanded it, you need it. If Jesus modeled it, you need it. God still provides the manna. Trust him. Take a day to say no to work and yes to worship.



Max Lucado. And the Angels Were Silent: Walking with Christ toward the Cross (Kindle Locations 317-335). Kindle Edition.


Author: Damon

Disciple, Husband, Father

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