Christian Music

Ever listened to the words of a song and reflected on how meaningful they are? Do you notice that songs that resonate deeper than others tend to become your favorites? This is something that has bothered me for many years when it comes to ‘christian’ music. There are some that are just fun and some that are serious. The serious ones we usually call ‘worship’ songs, but are they really?

I have been singing for a majority of my life, be it choirs, quartets, solos, as part of a congregation or driving down the road. Through these years, I have grown to better understand what is required when we worship and to recognize when it is lacking. I hate to break it, but a majority of today’s worship music is really lacking. Not to say that it isn’t worship, but it is very infantile worship. Many of the the more popular songs that are sung in churches today can’t get past “Jesus loves me”, making me wonder how anyone is expected to be able to grow in the truth when all we get fed is milk.

Also, too many of the songs are about what Jesus did for ‘me’ and what God has done for ‘me’ and how much He loves ‘me’… When it needs to be focused on Him and Him alone. There needs to be more modern music that focuses on what is important: God’s character & God’s sacrifice.



Author: Damon

Disciple, Husband, Father

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